Posted by: Bob Payne | May 3, 2011

Are Ontario’s Protected Areas Safeguarding Biodiversity?

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) has just released its State of Ontario’s Protected Areas Report on the Environmental Registry. Protected areas are a critical tool to conserve biodiversity in Ontario.



  1. I worked for Environment Canada’s Canadian Wildlife Service as a Protected Areas Biologist for the Protected Areas and Stewardship Unit last year. They hired me to do a literature review and to come up with a general methodology for protecting ecological integrity in Ontario’s National Wildlife Areas (NWAs). My research revealed that Parks Canada is actually one of the leaders in this area. Given that they are sister agencies within the federal government I found it rather strange that they had not collaborated on such a topic. Parks Canada has been working on this methodology for about a decade now, and have made some great strides in doing a better job of protecting biodiversity in national parks. I can forward you the document if you would like to know more. Overall, I would say that Ontario is just now beginning to take steps in the right direction on this matter.

    • Interesting points, Riley. Thanks for posting. Cheers, Bob

  2. It would be great if Riley could post a link to his literature review and general methodology (it sounds like an endorsement of following Parks Canada’s methodology) if available. I am part of a team at Trent University working on research into the environmental history and contemporary politics of biodiversity conservation in southern Ontario and we would appreciate his input.

    • Hello Carolyn,
      I am unable to post a public link to the document as it is a private internal document. I can email you a copy in confidentiality if you provide me with your address. I would appreciate any discussion or feedback on my work!

  3. Hi Riley,

    That would be great! Please email me at



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