Posted by: Bob Payne | August 19, 2011

New York State should monitor big water users

A new state law will mean that large water users in New York will need to get a permit from the Department of Environmental Conservation if they want to take more than 100,000 gallons of water per day from lakes, streams or underground supplies. We believe it’s a common-sense approach to protecting a valuable resource.



  1. Interesting. So currently, do large water users pay by volume, for the measured quantity of water they use? And as the law stands now, as long as users can pay, can they take as much water as they wish, whether from surface or ground, no matter what the climatic/other conditions? Is there much of a financial disincentive to exceeding reasonable environmental limits – perhaps in the form of a higher unit price when exceeding an agreed daily allocation – or making the permit expensive to secure? Cheers for this post, Robyn (NZ)

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