Posted by: Bob Payne | August 23, 2011

Fishing Gear Is Altered to Ease Collateral Costs to Marine Life

In the world of environmental regulation, where the hope is to write rules that both industry and science can live with, few areas are as contentious as fishing. Especially on the East Coast, fishermen attack scientists as mired in bottomless ignorance about how fish are actually caught. Scientists sometimes describe fishermen as racing to catch the last fish, regardless of the harm to vanishing species.



  1. I have worked on Commercial fishing boats in the North Pacific and Berring Sea and often when we had an observor aboard they were students recording our bycatch and some info about our target species. It seemed to me that at times there was some anomosity from certain members of the fishing community, they felt that the science community ignored the wealth of knowlage that the fishing community has from years of being on the water.Like wise I have had discussions with the scientific/conservation community and we agree that most of the management decisions are based on politics and power. The question remains, who is responsible for declines in the fish stocks the fisherman or the managers/bureaucrats? Or the global consumer?

    • Good points Tom. Thanks for posting


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