Posted by: Bob Payne | August 25, 2011

Stakeholders’ expectations towards a proposed marine protected area: A multi-criteria analysis of MPA performance criteria

In order to enable effective management of marine protected areas (MPAs), desired MPA achievements need to be identified as early as possible for the development of relevant and clear management goals, objectives and conservation targets. As the definition of MPA success is a social construct, the involvement of multiple groups in this process including government agencies, stakeholders, and other interested parties is increasingly advocated. This study investigates diverse groups’ opinions on the performance of a proposed National Marine Conservation Area (NMCA) on the West coast of Canada prior to its establishment.


  1. Bob, Thanks for posting this. For one thing, I’ve worked a lot with stakeholder analysis, in different ecosystems and social/cultural settings, and next month, at the European conference of the Intl. Ass. for the Study of Commons (IASC), in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, I will present a paper based on stakeholder data from a national park in Romania which presents an special application of stakeholder analysis that is simpler, faster and cheaper, and accordingly more attuned to the needs of local project managers and NGOs. Second, I’ve this week been requested to join a team that is bidding for a CZM project in the Black Sea, and the ideas in this paper looks to be helpful.
    Regards, Lars

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