Posted by: Bob Payne | August 27, 2011

Ethics, Justice and the Convention on Biological Diversity

Today, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) has 193 parties. This “Grand Bargain” is usually interpreted as an instrument of national or regional self-interest. Industrialised nations focused on maintaining the level of biodiversity to protect ecological functions and to secure future use. Developing countries were concerned that a rigid conservation agenda would undermine local solutions to development. The compromise or bargain achieved in Rio de Janeiro lodged sovereignty over genetic resources with national governments, and required users to share benefits with providers. Agreed mechanisms included the obtaining of prior informed consent and the negotiation of mutually agreed terms.



  1. This is an issue of vital importance. There is a need for level play ground. There are also ethical, moral,financial and above all ‘the right to know for promoting scientific knowledge’ for conserving, preserving and utiising biodiversity which demands serious debates among different stakeholders.

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