Posted by: Bob Payne | September 1, 2011

B.C. declares open season on wolves of the Chilcotin

The B.C. government has declared open season on wolves in the Cariboo region to benefit cattle ranchers, a move that critics contend is unjustifiable and based on politics, not science. Under new wildlife regulations, there is no closed season and no bag limit on hunting wolves in 10 management units in the Cariboo region, which ranges to 100 Mile House, Williams Lake, Quesnel and the Chilcotin. An annual hunting bag limit of three wolves is typical in B.C. The changes also allow for unlimited trapping of wolves on private land with leghold traps in nine management units from April 1 to Oct. 14. Trapping normally takes place in winter.



  1. It’s like we’ve been transported back a hundred years. Surely they know what happened the last time…?

  2. Just as Wolves are being reintroduced in parts of Europe and the big bad wolf image is finally being eroded…Why does Canada insist on doing environmentally insensitive things that tarnish its otherwise great reputation?

  3. Not to deflect any legitimate criticism form the U.S. but is Canada not the most environmentally backward country in the world environmentally? One embarrassment after another……..

  4. Perhaps we should not be too surprised at this reaction to the presence of a predator. National or regional culls of many species are intensely political decisions and as wildlife biologists we cannot ignore that. In UK we have been going through political paroxysms over whether to cull badgers to reduce bovine TB infection rates, if so then what culling methods are best, etc, etc. The science is blurred or obscured by the emotive debates, but this is an emotive issue that has political importance and we need to deal with that. Getting good science into policy decisions requires political and social awareness.

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