Posted by: Bob Payne | September 1, 2011

Finned sharks found washed up on New Zealand’s coast

Two people came across around 200 finless baby sharks washed up at Owhanake Bay, Waiheke Island, which is one of the many islands in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf. The sharks are a species known as rig sharks and were discovered on Sunday along the north western beaches on Waiheke Island. Shark lobby group, The Australian Anti Shark Finning Alliance (TAASFA) is disgusted by the find. They believe that the sharks would have experienced painful deaths and that the people responsible need to be brought to justice. The director of the Anti-Shark Finning Alliance, Mick Dowers said in an interview with TV3 New Zealand that the people who killed these sharks in such a barbaric way are only interested in money: “There’s no animal welfare concerns that these people take on board. They simply see sharks as a meal ticket, as big money, and they’ll do whatever they can to get the fins off the sharks and onto the market”.


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