Posted by: Bob Payne | September 16, 2011

Can ecotourism help developing countries?

Tourism might not be the ultimate answer to poverty and economic woes, but it is a major boon for places around the world that suffer from a lack of natural resources or industry. For instance, tourism is a hugely important industry in the Caribbean. Without flocks of resort-goers, nations in this part of the world would have to rely more heavily on agriculture, leaving their economies at the mercy of the fluctuating prices of commodities like coffee, sugar and bananas.



  1. A balanced approach in which agriculture, forestry,cottage industries should go along with tourism, IT, Infrastructure development,other business and commerce activities in a sustainable manner is the only way to peace and harmony at global level.The rich and poor nations/ developed and developing countries have to understand that the survival of each and every nation depends on harmonious relationships and sustainable resource use.Imbalanced approach will affect both rich and the poor. The recent recession and failure of economies of many developed nations points to the fact that it is not the poor nations alone which suffer due to these problems. This should be an eye opener to all and calls for integrated sustainable resource management strategies at different levels – local to global – across different nations.

  2. An issue which need world wide attention on a priority basis

  3. As Dr Nandakumar said tourism could be a balanced approach with other economic activities. Right now in Centralamerica specially in small tourism projects the situation of the tourism sector is critical. If small communities use tourism as a complementary activity, considering traditional economic activities as agriculture, fishing, etc, they will have other ways to get revenues in difficult times. But is a priority to explain that they can’t rely only in tourism, as if they do that they will be losing their traditional value.

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