Posted by: Bob Payne | October 14, 2011

Haida corporation to buy forestry licence from B.C. company for $11.6 million

Western Forest Products Inc. (TSX:WEF) has agreed to sell a tree farm licence covering 136,000 hectares to Haida Enterprise Corp., a company owned by the Haida Gwaii First Nation. The Vancouver-based forestry company says Haida Enterprises (HaiCo) will pay $11.6 million for Tree Farm Licence 60 and rights to cedar logs harvested by Taan Forest, a subsidiary of HaiCo.
Taan will also assume the company’s obligations on Haida Gwaii, the traditional territory also known as Queen Charlotte Islands, west of Prince Rupert, B.C. Haida Enterprise Corp. said the licence covers Graham, Moresby and Louise islands, which are part of HaidaGwaii.



  1. The impacts of Multinational corporations in natural resource management needs to be studied properly and appropriate policies for sustainable management identified and implemented with out wasting much time.

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