Posted by: Bob Payne | October 14, 2011

Ongoing cuts to scientific research threaten fisheries

Since coming to power in 2006, the Harper Conservatives have been as science-friendly as Sarah Palin at a convention of fortune tellers. The federal government has de-funded eighty percent of Kyoto research, muzzled scientists like Mark Tushingham and Kristi Miller, and even forced permafrost geologist Scott Dallimore to get ministerial approval before speaking publicly about a colossal flood – in ice-age Manitoba. By forcing federal scientists to comply with new media rules, the Great Controller has worked a miracle of sorts – media coverage of climate science has been reduced by 80 percent according to Environment Canada documents. After all, major media outlets need same day, not same month, responses.



  1. Highlights the need for sound management of funds available for research. probably we require decentralized and well distributed systems to thwart the designs of scheming politicians and administrators and protect the interest of science and to ensure sustainable natural resource management policies.

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