Posted by: Bob Payne | November 4, 2011

Hunters tally 44 wolf kills across Montana as season gets under way

Hunters through the second weekend of the rifle season for wolves bagged 44 of the large predators throughout the state.

By Monday, the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks had checked 44 wolves in the 14 districts statewide. Biologists said that signifies a steady kill with roughly four weeks of deer and elk hunting and two full months of the wolf season remaining.

“Having 44 wolves killed at this point in the season and the sharp increase of harvest we had at the start of the rifle season is encouraging,” said Mike Thompson, FWP Region 2 wildlife manager in Missoula.

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  1. Montana was one of those states that i was planning to visit, but after reading and hearing what the FWP and some of your …….hunters do to kill the time and spend the days by killing animals such as the wolves after years of bringing them back on to the land dos not match with any kind of progam.

  2. The killing of apex predators such as wolves in the state of Montana at this moment is one of the most ignorant and misguided acts of violence against nature that I have heard in a long time. Who are these people who do this to wildlife of supreme biological importance? We implore the Montana FWP to stop the slaughter and reconsider this ill-conceived plan now, not months from now.

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