Posted by: Bob Payne | November 11, 2011

It’s Official – The Key To Conservation Lies With Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous peoples are key to preserving the world’s forests, and conservation reserves that exclude them suffer as a result, according to a new study from the World Bank.

Its analysis shows how deforestation plummets to its lowest levels when indigenous peoples continue living in protected areas, and are not forced out.

Across the world millions of tribal people are conservation refugees, but the World Bank says its evidence shows ‘forest conservation need not be at the expense of local livelihoods.’

Using satellite data from forest fires to help indicate deforestation levels, the study showed rates were lower by about 16% in indigenous areas between 2000-2008.


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  2. A strategy for sustainable management of forest in harmony with forest dwellers is the key to forest conservation.Efforts needs to be made to develop appropriate models demonstrating management of forest in accordance with the wishes/livelihood requirement of forest dwellers.

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