Posted by: Bob Payne | December 2, 2011

Sierra Leone protects Gola Forest for the world

As the world’s richest countries once again play brinksmanship at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, in Durban, Sierra Leone has embraced the vital role tropical forests play in preventing climate change by conserving its most important forest, locking up an estimated 13.6 million tonnes of carbon and protecting one of West Africa’s most threatened and wildlife-rich habitats.


  1. That’s the way to go Brothers & Sisters of West Africa ….. roots home of many, many Jamaicans. Good on you all. One Love.

  2. Apologies Ladies & Gentlemen for the ‘stuff’ above ….. I am using a friend’s computer in New Delhi, India & my ‘lack of computer know how’ caused a hiccup – comments are all posted by me, Peter Bentley of Sense Adventures, which originated many moons ago in Jamaica ….. I am also the Director of Environmental Protection & a Vice President for the International Association of Educators for World Peace ….. as well as the Co-ordinator of the Steering Committee for the World Peace Congress & Carnival – March 17-23, 2014, Sydney, Australia ….. this event is a holistic approach to “Koomurri” – Coming together for Peace ….. Naturally there will be a strong environmental input. It is urgent that we work in Harmony with Nature. It is indeed a joy to read of the decisive action taken by our West African Friends. Walk Good. May you all have a wonderful Christmas & New Year.

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